In fact, we relish in it. Any chance we come across to break away from convention and blow your mind is worth it, especially if it gets the unruly mobs up in arms. Then read on. We dare you. Toyota first launched production of the Prius in latewith U.

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Toyota wants to change that. Nevertheless, Toyota has been tinkering with the idea of adding some adrenaline to the Prius lineup for a while now. But, as is tradition, things get even weirder in Japan. Beyond the widebody stance, extreme aero, and totally reworked suspension, this thing is powered by a naturally aspirated V-8 engine. Regardless, my point is this: the Prius can be more, much more in fact, than the stereotypes let on, and Toyota has the impetus to unleash all that potential on an unsuspecting public.

So then — what would a performance-tuned Prius from Toyota Racing Development look like, especially when viewed through the lens of an American enthusiast?

Toyota just updated the Prius to its fourth generation for the model year, and with the generational changeover came a brand new look.

The profile offers the same bubbled roofline as before, which falls into a high, hatchback rear end. Vertical accent lighting both fore and aft offsets the horizontal headlights and taillights, while a focus on reducing aero drag dictates where the lines go. The X-shaped front end remains, including slim headlights with quad square projector housings and an offset black center section.

TRD adds extra performance cues with a red underlining stripe that dips down into the fascia, an element repeated with a thin red line that cuts through the middle of the sideview mirrors. Complementing this is enhanced aerodynamics, including a longer splitter that juts out from the lower bumper crease.

While not necessarily the most aero efficient design of all time, the new splitter should help to provide a little extra front end grip at speed. Further aero tweaks include newly extended side skirts and a rear apron. The difference these components make is subtle, but effective in bringing the Prius a little extra performance cred. In the corners are lightweight aluminum-alloy wheels, offered in a multi-spoke design and dark black finish.

Sizing will be wider than the standard Prius wheels, and the rollers should come wrapped in significantly stickier rubber as well, while large multi-piston brake calipers get a red finish and pinch equally big slotted rotors more on all the handling stuff in an upcoming section. Up top, the roof is finished in a flat satin black, complemented by C-pillars in the same hue.

Sizing will start at 7 inches in diameter, but will be offered with larger options as well.Is this some kind of joke? Presto Has his homepage set to PC. It's a joke. Someone probably bought a turbo decal from Autozone, and stuck it on there. For certain on the Gen I. Midpack Member. The Toyota Prius is designed as a fuel-efficient hybrid car and not really as a performance car.

Toyota Prius Hibrid maşınlar haqqında məlumat

So putting in turbo on a Prius is not really a sound idea. Ian Rogers New Member. Well turbos are a more efficient way to make more power using less fuel.

turbo prius

I think it a good idea, but i also think a diesel prius would be the coolest car ever. Turbochargers can increase efficiency, and compensate for power loss at altitude.

turbo prius

They're not such a bad idea, but they can be expensive and not so reliable, which is why they're not often seen, especially on a production car. Frayadjacent Resident Conservative. I've played with many superchargers and turbos over the years and I will tell you straight up, a good turbo engine does not run super high compression.

The Prius violates this rule of thumb AND has a split compression spec which makes tuning and cam design even more difficult. On a regular ICE go for it but on a Prius???? Nah, I wouldn't even bother. OK, so I was wrong about turbos not being very common. Porsche, Saab, Subaru, Ford I was thinking they'd be concerned about cost and reliability, but apparently that's not the problem.

I'd far rather have a turbo than fancy interior lights or a solar-powered air vent. I'm hoping it would make a big difference on long mountain climbs. As long as I know why, I'm comfortable with that. Doc Willie Shuttlecraft Commander.

Also, it seems to me that the turbo would be doing the opposite of what the Atkinson cycle engine is supposed to be doing. AND the VVT with delayed closing of intake valves and blowback would seem to make engine management much more complicated. I think the decals is as far as I would go on this mod. Installing a flux capacitor or dilithium chamber could hardly be more complicated.

The picture in question is from the Autospeed article on putting a turbo into a Classic. Julian Edgar actually did quite a bit of research and cut-n-try on that project, and the fun and frustrations are quite evident in the article series. Search for "turbo prius" over there for more of the story. In either, there's the Atkinson issue to think about, which changes the game. Turbocharging an Atkinson cycle engine can be very effective.

When you add turbocharging, an Atkinson cycle engine is called a Miller cycle engine. However, as previously mentioned, turbochargers add complexity and cost. The Prius doesn't push its ICE very hard.Initially offered as a 4-door sedanit has been produced only as a 4-door liftback since The Prius first went on sale in Japan and other countries inand was available at all four Toyota Japan dealership chainsmaking it the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle.

InToyota expanded the Prius family to include the Prius van extended hatchback, and the Prius ca subcompact hatchback. The production version of the Prius plug-in hybrid was released in The second generation of the plug-in variant, the Prius Prime, was released in the U.

Prius is a Latin word meaning "first", "original", "superior" or "to go before". In Latin prius is the neuter singular of the comparative form prior, prior, prius of an adjective with only comparative and superlative the superlative being primus, prima, primum.

As with all neuter words, the Latin plural is priorabut that brand name was used by the Lada Priora in InToyota debuted a hybrid concept car at the Tokyo Motor Showwith testing following a year later.

The first generation Prius, at its launch, became the world's first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid car. Production commenced in December at the Takaoka plant in Toyota, Aichiending in February after cumulative production of 37, vehicles. The NHW10 Prius styling originated from California designers, who were selected over competing designs from other Toyota design studios.

Toyota sold aboutfirst generation Priuses. The NHW11 Prius became more powerful partly to satisfy the higher speeds and longer distances that Americans drive. It became a compact liftback, sized between the Corolla and the Camrywith redistributed mechanical and interior space significantly increasing rear-seat legroom and luggage room. Production commenced in August at the Tsutsumi plant in Toyota, Aichi[42] supplemented in October with the Fujimatsu plant at Kariya, Aichi.

It was thought that the sales dropped as a result of both a lack of acceptance and increased competition. The Toyota Prius Hybrid was exported to China from Competition from lower priced hybrids, such as the Honda Insight, also made it difficult for Toyota to capitalize on the Prius's success.

Among the new standard features of the Prius, Toyota introduced three optional user-selectable driving modes: EV mode for electric-only low-speed operation, Eco mode for best fuel efficiency, and Power mode for better performance. This figure is disputed by General Motors which found the value for the model with inch wheels to be around 0. A new front-drive platform underpinned the car, although the wheelbase remained unchanged and overall length grew by a lone centimetre.

Weight-saving aluminum was employed in the hood, rear hatch, front axle and brake calipers disc brakes were finally assigned to all four wheels.Steve Goldenberg New Member. We live in the Colorado mountains.

turbo prius

We love our Prius which has only two performance problems. Not being an all wheel drive is one. In heavy snow, we use our 6 cyl. The other problem, insufficient power, occurs when we are driving up a long, straight, steep mountain pass.

The battery is sufficient for short climbs and the engine and battery are sufficient for curvy roads where we are going under 50, even 55 mph. Yesterday I spoke to a guy in CAwho actually installed a turbo in a with great success. It boosted the engine power from 75 hp to over hp. They only modified one Prius and decidied not to go any further. That car is in Japan. If you hear of anyone else successfully adding a turbo, please contact me as it would be perfect for my long, steep, high altitude, cold weather situations.

V8Cobrakid Green Handyman. Steve, if you are serious about this, I'll make you this generous offer: Free Installation. I live in Longmont, and am currently a computer network engineer, but worked as a Master Toyota Tech at a dealership in Michigan for 7 years. I have a pretty good shop in my garage and still have my skills. About the only thing I don't have is a welder, so any custom mounting brackets would have to be built at a friend's house in hygiene ahead of time.

If you can get more information about what parts were used, how it was mounted, etc, that would be awesome. We'd be doing two at a time; I'm dying for a turbo or supercharger. The main problem is how little room there is under the hood! DanMan32 Senior Member. So Nate, does that mean you have a scan tool? Nate: I got some more info about the turbo charger. Triple K.

The model is KR. It worked great. The big problem was getting into the ECU. The couldn't get through the US version so they switched to a Japanese version which was a little easier.I shot this Prius sporting a Turbo badge a few years back, and laughed it off as a humorous oxymoron. Their superb aerodynamics made them fast beyond anything else in their displacement class.

They were just the thing for a fast run on the new German autobahns.


If the Prius had been built as a high performance sedan, using its superb aerodynamics for speed, I suspect there would be less negativity. Now it just needs a bit more oomph, although a stock Prius will hit or more. Not quite enough for a serious blast on the autobahn or the Oregon high desert.

And its of some 10 seconds or more is hardly breathtaking. A turbo on the Atkinson-cycle 1. And round out the package with steering and suspension upgrades, as well as a bit more bodywork to make it obvious that this is not just an eco-weenie-mobile.

It still gets outrun by minivans. I have trouble reconciling Epicurean sports cars with eco-Puritanism, which is why the CRZ puzzles me. However, Toyota has Honda beat in dedicated hybrids. What would an Epicurean sports car be? The real Epicurus valued simple pleasures. He was said to most enjoy a simple dish of lentils, along with a fair bit of wine and, most importantly, intellectual discussions with friends.

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A Prius with sway bars, great shocks, and wider tires might also be right up his ally should he want to take more friends along. BTW, did you know that Toyota already offers a handling and body kit for the Prius. It had the looks but not the guts. Same goes for the Civic Hybrid, sales of which have fallen off a cliff in recent years.

Or they could have skipped both, put that money into updating the Civic Hybrid and brought over the Fit Hybrid rather than the CR-Z, which probably would have been the smartest move. The CR-Z was an abysmal failure in that respect. If they did an Si version too, it would sell like crazy. I think the lack of a Fit Si is probably a reflection of the domestic market, which is not looking very healthy.

The Fit was the second bestselling non-minicar in Japan last year, but that only amounted to like K.

Gen II Turbo Prius

Consumer Reports and others gave the Prius lowest total operating costs for five year ownership due to low depreciation fuel costs. Of course, with cheaper gas now, those numbers might not hold up now. Come to Vancouver. There is simply nothing cheaper to run, and resale values are so high it makes buy new worth it. Taxis are limited to six years here. This translates to aboutkm.

The cars do not need new batteries at this point. They are actually sold on and taxi friends and family take them as cheap, reliable beaters. Keep in mind taxis spend a lot of time idling and in the core city, which is ideally suited for hybrids. Although it is certainly a pro when buying new.

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When Prius became taxi, interior volume in taxi became unacceptablely low… So I saved few numbers of private taxis operating Impala, even Accord. The trip is less miserable comparing to Prius.

Toyota offered ,km warranties to taxi operators on the Camry hybrid here it put Fords factory cabs out of business in NZ. In the Seattle are I had thought that the Prius had almost completely replaced Panthers in Taxi use based on the steady stream of them I see heading too and from the airport.

On the freeways leading to the airport I might see 1 Panther for every 20 or so Prius but downtown it is the exact opposite. Compare it to the Fiesta 1.You could If you wanted to "turbo" a Prius, I think it would be MUCH more fun to work with the batteries, capacitors, and motors to get more power.

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Otherwise, you might as well have just bought a Corolla, and put the turbo on that. Less to go wrong, and you could to bigger performance gains on a car that started out cheaper to begin with. I wouldnt say it couldnt be done. The computer would not be able to handle the more boost. Yes you can turbo any car, no problem. What count is how much money you are willing to spend to do this.

I am serious it is all the money that counts. You can even put the engine at the back if you want. Yes you can, although it's not something you're going to find in the parts department of your local Toyota dealer. I'm not really going to do it, but I always wondered.

Update: I mean in my Prius. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Chad F Lv 5.

NO, the computer controls the rpm and it is not high enough to make a turbo efficient. You can put a turbo on any car. Source s : It's been done with a first-generation Prius the one that was sold only in Japan, prior to being introduced to the rest of the world. Still have questions?

The Diesel Prius: It’s Cooler than It Sounds…

Get your answers by asking now.They also say diesel pollutes less in the manufacturing process, where six sets of batteries are used to create one Prius, not to mention that the gas engine in the Prius will probably have to be replaced three times before the vehicle ever sees 1, miles.

Lastly, do they really get all that great mileage Toyota touts about? As much as I may enjoy a good Prius-bashing session, that was not my intention for this article. A Prius pulled into the track presumably on its way to a racers camp and we all thought how funny it was to see it there surrounded by a bunch of big diesel sled pullers and purpose-built drag trucks.

Sort of like a Chihuahua in a field of Pit Bulls.

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Ripping the engine and motor out of a Prius would offer a decent amount of room to fit a smaller diesel. But the diesel would have to be an iconic early era-esque engine though, no TDIs or Kubotas here. Nothing but the 4BT came to mind. The iconic sound, as well as the healthy aftermarket backing that would make it easy to get hp out of it, helped convince me that it was a project that should be done.

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The real work would be in fitting a rear axle and transmission in the originally front wheel drive car. A whole transmission tunnel would have to be made not that big of a deal as well as fabricating and installing a 4-link rear suspension a big deal. Parts Rack Diesel Engines. Live Feed. We use cookies to optimise our website and give you the best experience on our website.

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