Kyron Richard Horman born September 9, is an American boy who disappeared from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregonon June 4,after allegedly attending a science fair. As ofhis whereabouts remain unknown. In DecemberTerri gave birth to a daughter, Kiara. On June 4,Kyron was taken to school by his stepmother, Terri, [6] who then stayed with him while he attended a science fair.

The bus driver told them that the boy had not boarded the bus after school, however, and to call the school to ask his whereabouts. Terri did so, only to be informed by the school secretary that, as far as anyone there knew, Kyron had not been at school since early that day and that he had accordingly been marked absent. Realizing then that the boy was missingthe secretary called The search efforts for Kyron were extensive and primarily focused on a 2-mile 3.

On June 9,the Horman family, who had initially refused to speak with the media, released a statement to the press:. Kyron's family would like to thank people for support and interest in finding their son.

The outpouring of support and continued effort strengthens their hope. We need for folks to continue to assist us in our goal. Please search your properties -- cars, out buildings, sheds, etc. Also check with neighbors and friends who may be on vacation or may need in assistance in searching. There are a lot of resources here to help you search, so please don't stop. It is obviously a difficult time and they want to speak to the public so you can hear it from Kyron's family as they come together to share their message.

Their objective is to keep the focus on Kyron and not about anything else. On June 12, around trained rescuers were on the ground searching wooded areas near Skyline Elementary. In late Junein the midst of the investigation into Kyron's disappearance, Kaine Horman was purportedly told by investigators that Terri had offered their landscaper, Rodolfo Sanchez, "a lot of money" to kill him.

It was later learned that the DA told Sanchez his family would be deported if he didn't participate in a sting and testimony.

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On June 28, Kaine filed for divorce [13] and obtained a restraining order against Terri. During this time, Terri failed two separate polygraph examinations regarding Kyron's disappearance. Meanwhile, in Julya Multnomah County grand jury subpoenaed several friends of Terri Horman, including DeDe Spicher, whom Young and Kaine Horman described as having "been in close communication with Terri" and "providing Terri with support and advice that is not in the best interests of our son.Terri Lee Hoffman March 21, — October 31,later known as Terri Lilya Keanelywas an American religious cult leader known for the mysterious deaths of her followers, including two husbands, shortly after they had willed their possessions to her.

The devotees in her Dallas -based new religious movementConscious Development of Body, Mind and Soul, fought against the "black lords" on various planes of existence and protected themselves with powerful gems. The goal was joining God and the twelve "masters" through reincarnation in the spiritual realm.

A four-year investigation by Dallas district attorney's office failed to produce evidence tying Hoffman to the deaths, but she was later sentenced to prison for bankruptcy fraud. Hoffman was born to poverty and sent to a Lutheran orphanage at nine.

She was adopted two years later and renamed Terri Lee Benson. She was committed to the Parkland Hospital for psychiatric evaluation during divorce proceedings inbut got custody of the oldest child. In the s, Hoffman became interested in meditation, metaphysics, hypnotism, Silva Mind Control and the writings of Edgar Cayce. Hoffman also started a jewelry business, incorporating it as CD Gems.

Missing for 9 years – Kyron Horman

She also said that she could communicate with the dead and see the past and the future. However, death was not to be feared as the ultimate goal was rebirth in the spiritual realm. In lateHoffman's second husband Glenn Cooley wanted out of the cult and his marriage to Terri. Hoffman produced Cooley's will from her safe, naming her the sole beneficiary, and her group saw the tragedy as proof that the black lords were making gains and poisoning the blood.

In FebruaryHoffman's secretary-treasurer Sandra "Sandy" Cleaver went on a vacation with her daughter Susan Devereaux, whom she had previously kept distance from because Devereaux's "evil spirits" were infecting her energies. Cleaver's brother Croom Beatty IV contested the will and his lawyer James Barklow called it the result of fraud and "undue influence".

The case was settled but Hoffman and her movement were faced with bad publicity. Robin Otstott, whom Hoffman had matched with an invisible CIA agent named George, believed that her non-physical "bodies" were working against her and that her best friend Tamara Taylor's invisible CIA lover Martin was threatening her life. Two days later, after visiting Hoffman, Otstott killed herself with. Her blood tests later showed no signs of diseases. In NovemberChicago follower Mary Levinson was found dead from a drug overdose.

The new beneficiary was her former boyfriend Larry Keyes whom she had met through Hoffman.

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In his legal pad, Don cited his terminal, inoperable cancer as the reason for his suicide. The autopsy found no traces of cancer.

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She was the sole beneficiary of her husband's estate. Four days after Don Hoffman's death, former cult devotee Jill Bounds was beaten to death in her home. The killer had browsed through her diary and ripped out some of the pages. Bounds had left the movement in but, despite being afraid of her, visited Terri Hoffman a few months before her death, which caused police to look for a connection.

All is in readiness.I believe that Terri was very much in love with Kaine. Sexting was a way to get back at her husband for leaving her at a time when she needed him the most.

A couple thoughts here. She has been criticized for "the timing" of the sexting. I think the timing of the divorce and the enormous amount of energy put into publicly destroying this woman is also questionable. Where does the wherewithall come from to do this when your child is missing? I get that he was told she tried to have him murdered. I also get that he initially said things were OK between them. I'd be interested to know what his reaction was when SHE called police after the failed sting.

He has definately created the picture of a monster for the all too willing public to hate, it's just not clear when exactly this monster appeared. I had him pegged at the first "media briefing" where he kicked reporters out for not being "team players" I'm doing the research for an article on parental kidnappings and children kidnapped from the U.

Comments are moderated. Be nice or I'll turn them off again. Wednesday, October 27, What is behind the alleged Terri Horman sexting messages? Monday's court filing also stated that police had told Kaine that Terri's "sexual overtures to Mr. Cook resemble those made to the man Respondent Terri Horman attempted to hire to murder Petitioner Kaine.

Because of the graphic nature, I will not post any of it here although you can see the link to read it yourself.

New allegations against Terri Horman

Why is law enforcement giving Kaine evidence when they are still investigating a criminal case? Why was the alleged evidence given to Kaine not under a gag order to prevent him from releasing it to the media since it is part of a criminal investigation?

Thanks to Dr. Pickle for making the following points. Anonymous October 28, at AM.His step mother, Terri Horman, was reportedly the last person to see him after she left his science fair that morning. The search team for Kyron was the largest in Oregon history at the time with over searchers from Washington, Oregon, and California.

The search lasted 10 days and led nowhere. Being the last person to actually see him, Terri Horman immediately became the first suspect. By p. A close friend of Terri recalled helping her purchase an untraceable cell phone and declined to answer questions during a deposition. She also declined to identify Kyron in a photo and denied knowing Kaine as well.

InTerri appeared on Dr Phil and claimed that all of her lawyers advised her against ever speaking out. He was acting very strangely and he was addressed by one of the employees because he had been pacing back and forth in front of the 7-Eleven for about an hour.

In JulyTerri was arrested after stealing a gun from her roommate. A few months later, she was arrested again for driving a stolen car. Desiree has hope that these arrests prove Terri has a criminal background and that they show a pattern that could lead them to her missing son.

Despite receiving thousands of tips they still have not located Kyron. If you have any information about his disappearance, please call or This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tragedy on the Taconic: Diane Schuler. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Desiree said that the message in all of the emails was clear.

Authoriities are still actively searching for Kyron. They searched at Sauvie Island this past weekend. Kyron went missing on June 4,during a science fair at his Portland, Oregon elementary school. His stepmother, Terri Horman, was the last person to see him.

Terri has since failed two lie detector tests and walked out on a third polygraph. Her cell phone allegedly pinged at Sauvie Island, but she claims that she was driving around her infant daughter to soothe her and then went to the gym to work out.

Terri stopped cooperating with police and hired a high priced criminal defense attorney in June. Kaine filed for divorce and obtained a restraining order keeping Terri away from himself and their one year old daughter. When asked why she was not standing by Kaine Horman in the united front that has been seen so far, Desiree said that she was disappointed in Kaine.

Recently Kaine filed motions in court detailing how he believed Terri Horman was an unfit mother and an alcoholic. This was horrifying to hear for Desiree who would have loved to get custody of Kyron. Desiree Young says that she was never aware of problems that Terri had other than lying.

Desiree had been trying to get custody of Kyron, but Kaine Horman had told her that there was not a chance.

terri horman

Desiree knew that Kyron wanted to come live with her and that Terri wanted Kyron to live with Desiree also. Kaine Horman gave a press conference later in the day stating that he never thought for a second that Kyron was in any danger with Terri Horman. Why Kyron?The second-grader disappeared after his stepmother attended a school science fair where he had displayed a project on red tree frogs. You know, what are you doing to find my son?

Horman denied any such plot -- again something she was never charged with. She says the supposed hitman later told authorities in a deposition that there was no plot. Kaine Horman got a restraining order against Terri and filed for divorce from her just 24 days after his son disappeared. He now has custody of their daughter Kiara, now 7. I can't get it back. I'm so sorry. It's devastating. Terri Horman has never been charged with a crime.

She said law enforcement rushed to judgment and even threatened her. We're going to destroy you. I really don't care. My purpose is to find my son, to get my daughter back, to get my life back in order. In that order. Shows Good Morning America. World News Tonight. This Week. The View.

terri horman

What Would You Do? Sections U. Virtual Reality. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Missing Children in America: Unsolved Cases.

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Terri Horman: Investigators Made Life ‘Hell’ Over Stepson Kyron’s Disappearance

As stimulus checks hit bank accounts, many encounter roadblocks. US coronavirus deaths top 30,; Washington extends stay-at-home order. ABC News Live.Horman, who spoke to "Good Morning America" alongside his ex-wife and Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, said Terri Horman seemed to change after the birth of their month-old daughter, Kiara.

Horman moved out of the couple's home with Kiara nearly two weeks ago after police reportedly told him they had evidence that Terri Horman had tried to hire the landscaper to kill him. He has since filed for divorce and was granted an emergency restraining order keeping Terri Horman away from him and their daughter. Though Kaine Horman, Desiree Young and Young's husband initially presented a united front with Terri Horman in the days after Kyron vanished last month, the family has now turned on Kryon's stepmother and is begging her to cooperate with police.

He added, "I also recently learned that respondent attempted to hire someone to murder me. The police have provided me with probable cause to believe the above two statements are true. Police have not named her a suspect or person of interest in the case, but Kaine Horman and Desiree Young said she failed two polygraph tests.

Young said she didn't believe Terri Horman from the beginning when she called to tell her that Kyron went missing from his elementary school. Kyron is still out there and he needs to be home. But I have the feeling that she will never ever give in," she said. The restraining order against Terri Horman was unsealed by the circuit court in Multnomah County, Ore.

terri horman

The release of the restraining order came as it was revealed that a potential opportunity to arrest Terri Horman was thwarted by an ill-executed sting operation at the family's home last month. ABC's Portland affiliate KATU is reporting that the landscaper police say Terri Horman allegedly contacted to kill Kaine Horman was in on the sting, but then raised the woman's suspicions enough that she called The landscaper showed up at Horman's door June 26 wearing a hidden microphone to demand hush money.

Undercover agents were nearby.

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KATU cited sources as saying that was the second call of the day. The first came minutes earlier to report that someone in a truck was threatening her. Responding officers found themselves face to face with the undercover agents and Horman was not taken into custody.

I mean she's under a lot of pressure," retired Portland police captain C. Jensen told ABC News. Kaine Horman moved out of the house, taking the couple's toddler daughter with him, apparently after learning of his wife's murder-for-hire plot. It was then that a third call was placed from the Horman home that day, listed only as a custody issue. Kaine Horman filed for divorce and was granted a restraining order two days later.

Terri Horman has since hired a prominent defense attorney. She denied the allegation when confronted by detectives, The Oregonian reported, and she has not been charged, though the investigation is proceeding, the sources told the newspaper.

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Garrett said the attempted police sting leads him to believe police think she has either direct or indirect knowledge of where Kyron is. But, he noted, there is the chance that she's been telling the truth -- that she has no idea where her stepson may be. Shows Good Morning America. World News Tonight. This Week. The View.

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