It is important to write in a tone that is appropriate, bearing in mind your relationship to the reader. This is letter of good will, not a letter of resignation. Let them know that you are leaving. Giving details you are comfortable with, tell them the why you have made this decision.

Lay out information that will be important or helpful to those who will remain, such as who will take your place. Tell your reader how you've benefited from your interactions with them. Be sure to end on a positive note.

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Some of you may remember that I recently spoke of my hope to join a new firm in York. I have to announce that I have just been informed that I have been successful in obtaining a position there. It is an immediate start, and so I will be leaving Cornwall Accounting at the end of the week.

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Colin Sargent will be taking over my work and will now be responsible for your books. Colin is one of the best accountants in our firm and will be able to meet all of your needs. It has been a pleasure to work with you for the past three years, and I consider you good friends as well as a patron.

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If you do have any questions about the alterations in your accounting arrangements, please give me a ring on my usual number in the next couple of days. If I don't speak to you beforehand, I hope that your business continues to go from strength to strength. Greeting letters are letters written to salute or acknowledge others during a special day and to wish them the best.

These can be between friends, family members, colleagues, or from a company to its clients. Whether it is to mark a birthday, engagement, anniversary, or wedding, sending greeting letters to your loved ones makes them feel appreciated. It also helps strengthen the bond you share with the recipient. Writing greeting letters doesn't need to be difficult. All you need to do is to make your message short and unique especially if you are sending the letter for a special occasion.

replacement letter sample

Remember the recipient might be receiving many other letters. Therefore, you have to make yours stand out from the rest. This is an informal letter, and so the tone should be warm and friendly. Start the letter with an exclusive greeting and acknowledge the occasion. Mention the reason why you are writing.

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End by wishing the recipient the best on the occasion. Letters to colleagues are, simply, letters written to coworkers. These letters are written in a business or professional setting for different purposes.

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Maybe you want to thank a coworker for doing you a favor - write a thank-you letter. Perhaps you want to apologize for doing something wrong - write an apology letter, or may be you have found a new job, and it's time to say goodbye - write a farewell letter. Although some colleagues may find writing letters a tedious process, it is a great way to maintain a strong working relationship.

Most letters to colleagues are informal. You really don't need to use all that formal jargon to people you know pretty well? Begin your letter with a warm and friendly salutation and the proper name of the recipient. Clearly state the purpose of your letter. Be specific and know exactly what you are talking about. Use clear language which the recipient can easily understand.

Maintain a friendly and pleasant tone. Close the letter positively and with a note of anticipation that the recipient will take the necessary action.Use this sample retirement letter to notify your employer of your expected date of retirement. Even if you tell your manager and your Human Resources staff verbally about your retirement plans, your employer will still want an official, written notification.

Your employer likes to keep employee file documentation that includes your initial job offer or contract, social security information, performance appraisalsand everything else related to your employment for a period of years. Employers keep this information to have a record of events. In any instance of a potential lawsuit, the employer needs all documentation related to the employee. Employers have run into former employees filing for unemployment compensation, too, and the retirement letter in the employee file is proof that you left your job by choice.

You may address the retirement letter to your manager and copy HR. You want your HR staff in the loop so that you experience no problems with health care coverage, pensions, 40l k availability, and all of the other benefits and plans you'll need to get going for retirement.

Here's a sample retirement letter to notify your employer. It will serve as your official resignation letter in your employment file. This is a retirement letter example. Download the retirement letter template compatible with Google Docs and Word Online or see below for more examples. Fourth St. Plano, TX This letter is my official notification to you and to my company that my last day of work at Techtron Mobile will be January On that day, I plan to retire.

I am excited about my impending retirement but wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the opportunities that I have experienced working for Techtron Mobile.

I have genuinely enjoyed my employment as a Marketing Communication Specialist and will miss you and my coworkers when my retirement day comes. Please let me know what I can do to help you with the transition of my work to another employee. I plan to work right up until my retirement date and will be happy to help you make a smooth transition. I'll even help you find an employee to replace me if that is the decision that you make.

Again, I have truly enjoyed working at Techtron Mobile and will miss my coworkers and our workplace a great deal. I wish you nothing but the best for the future. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

I will be meeting with HR shortly to finalize the details of my retirement, learn about any benefits that extend beyond retirement, and identify any assistance that I can provide in transitioning my job to another employee. This retirement letter is also an opportunity to propose options other than complete retirement to your boss and HR. If you are available for occasional work or if you'd like to phase yourself into retirement by working part-timethis is an opportunity to document your willingness.

Of course, you will have discussed options other than total retirement with both of these parties prior to suggesting them in a retirement letter.

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If you've reached an agreement, for example, that you will work part-time until they can replace you for a period of six months until such and such date, document this fact in your retirement letter.

Never commit to continue working after retirement without an end date written on the front end. It's too easy for an employer to stall finding your replacement if they still have you. And, if you committed to working two days a week, hold to your commitment or you will find yourself working full time.

When you are seriously ready to retire, you don't want to volunteer for anything that will draw you back into working full time. Further, don't commit to any work schedule that will keep you from following all of your hopes and dreams. Whether that means spending winters in Florida or traveling to Europe in the summer, your retirement should be just that—retirement. Human Resources Hiring Best Practices. Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter.

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Read The Balance's editorial policies.This is essential so that the customer is not held liable for unauthorized charges on his or her card or if the card us used for identity theft. It can be done by phone, and the card that is lost, stolen or damaged can be cancelled.

Most banks or companies have a hour support number that can be called in just such a situation. The customer may be counting on air miles or other perks that they accumulate on their cards, so receiving a replacement card as soon as possible is essential.

It will be necessary to request a credit card replacement, and that can also be done over the phone. However, it is recommended to send a credit card replacement letter to the bank or company that includes the account number of the person requesting the replacement card as well as their name, address, email address and phone number.

A bank or credit union may require certain forms to be filled out before they issue a replacement card. Here is a sample request letter for replacement of lost card. It is also possible to request replacement cards to be sent to an alternate address or for additional users. It is recommended that it be sent by certified mail so the customer will have proof of the time and date the letter was received.

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This may become useful if the card is not forthcoming. I recently lost my credit card that has the account number stated above. As soon as I learned the card was lost, I phoned the company and asked that it be cancelled. I also asked for a replacement card. This letter is to confirm my request that you issue me a replacement card as soon as possible.

The cancelled card should be not authorized under any circumstances.

replacement letter sample

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request. If you have any questions, I can be reached at or at Name email. Signature of Customer Name of Customer Printed. Friend's Email Address.A retirement letter is written to announce the upcoming retirement of an employee in a company. It is a formal way of expressing how was the experience of the employee in the company for the years spent working there. Even though the emotions are conveyed verbally, it is best practice to follow some standard format formally and consider it as a unique opportunity to share well-wishes for the colleagues.

A Simple Retirement Letter contains the basic information and is drafted to notify the Human resources, employee and higher management about the discontinuation of services. The letter explicitly mentions the date of retirement, current team, and position and the reason for retirement.

It mostly deals with gratitude towards the company, management, and the team. It also contains thankfulness about the memories made in the company.

replacement letter sample

A letter of retirement starts with a header which mentions the contact information of the sender. A standard letter header simply contains the name and contact details of the addressee which is then followed by the date, name and contact details of the addressor. The header is followed by the body which contains the main purpose of writing the letter.

And then comes a brief conclusion which does not need to be overly expressive — just a final thought. From, Jordan Calderon Eleifend St. Duluth Washington Date: Subject: Dear Zorita Anderson. The introduction formally states the intent of writing the letter and informs that the decision to retirement has been taken. It also mentions the last working date, the position of the employee and the team.

The body is more about gratitude for having to chance of working in the company and the team. It is also a reflection upon the time spent and can contain some good memories. It also contains a regret for having to leave. The final part of the letter or the conclusion sums up the letter and expresses thankfulness for the tenure worked.

It does not have to be overly expressive; just some parting thoughts mentioned briefly. Sincerely, Signature Jordan Calderon.

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A letter deals with a lot of nostalgia, but it is still a formal letter and needs to be grammatically correct and broken into smaller paragraphs. It also has to be free of typos, errors, and abbreviations. A few other things that the letter must have are:.

A common theme in all these letters is the regret on leaving the company; a short reminisce about the happy times spent and a clear date of retiring. The letter should have a formal, concise and positive note. Wilmington OR Dear Dante Bennett. We will start the process of your retirement regretfully which will take effect on [Date of Retirement].

I would like to thank you for all the efforts you have put in the company for the past [Number] years. You have been an incredible employee and have stood up to your responsibilities every time without any complaints or discrepancies. We value all the hard work you have done and recognize you as one of the best employees in the company.

We have relied on your intelligence and experience many times in the past while making important decisions. We cannot be more obliged to you. We have settled your accounts and wish you all the luck in the world for your next adventure.I request you to provide me the property papers of Plot no. I would like to inform you that I have lost the original documents in an unfortunate accident that occurred four days back in my house due to a gas leakage. I would be highly obliged if the new copy can be provided to me as early as possible so that I may be able to wind up all the formalities regarding my house sale.

These formalities include taxpaying, legal procedures as well as registration of the house. I assure you that this information that I seek is for a completely personal and not commercial use in any manner. Please feel free to contact me on if you need any further inputs from my end. Lord Avenue, Bristol.

This property belongs to me and, I have lost the property documents in a fire incident. So, I request you to please issue a copy of the ownership documents of this house to me.

Copyright by FoundLetters. No part of the Letters may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Home Subscribe. Sample Letter. Follow FoundLetters. You searched for: sample letter of request for lost document.

Sample Statement Request Letter by emily on April 18, You can follow these sample letter to return the broken products, damaged products, dented products, Wrecked Products to supplier or store from where you ordered them.

You can modify these sample as your requirement. When I started it and began Using type my Use area I was surprised to see that the Problem and situation had no effect even after moving. Describe in your own words.

On inspection, I was again surprised to see that the cutter was not rotating.

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Explain the actual problem and situation. So I request the company to replace such a product. Sir, I want to bring in your kind notice that when I received the Product name and type from courier agent it was fully and tightly packed and it was not possible at that time to inspect the product properly. Moreover, I could not check it for a further three days due to my business until the date arrived and I unpacked it so that it could be used in my Job.

But as soon as I removed its packing I noticed a minute crevice just near the bottom part of the Product name and type which shocked me a bit and it drove me to carry out a thorough inspection of the product and I found another very prominent crack just near its handle and which clearly reveals that a defective item was delivered to me.

As per the warranty provisions of your company you are bound to replace such products with good one or refund my payment within one week. Hence it is requested to take appropriate action as per warranty rules. All Rights Reserved.If the employee is not performing up to the expected levels then the Manager has all the rights to ask for employee replacement by writing a formal letter of request to the senior or the HR Manager of the company. Letter of request for employee replacement is a very crisp letter which includes reason for seeking replacement so that the process can be taken into consideration.

If you are also in need of employee replacement in your team of staff then you also need to write such kind of a letter. We have come up with a formal request letter for employee replacement. Use this sample format to write your own letter with perfection. I am writing this request letter in order to seek replacement of one of our employees in Marketing Department. I am talking in relation with Mr.

Sumanth Pant. He is working as my assistant from last nine months. In my career of eight years, I have never ever filed a complain against any employee but because of very frequent leaves by Mr. Path, I am compelled to seek an employee replacement. He has been going on leaves quite often because of some personal health issues and because of that I have been facing a lot of inconvenience which I feel have led to a fall in my own performance as I have to deal with various trivial issues all by myself.

It is a humble request from you to please have my assistant replaced so that I can work on upcoming projects. Be the first to comment - What do you think? Posted by Hrformats - June 11, at AM. You must be logged in to post a comment. HR Letter Formats. Home Privacy Policy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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