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See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles. See the full gallery. See what's trending now. Maaran, a sincere doctor who fights against corruption and Vettri a magician who is out for a revenge. Both of them are estranged brothers and once they come together, they get to know about their common enemy, Daniel, who had killed their father and mother.

I went to this film after a colleague recommended it. I'll be frank I wasn't fond of the really random dance sequences as an American they're a bit too random for me, though Mr. Vijay can dance really well but the film got those out of the way early. I was told a couple things about this film before going in- it is a huge "mass masala" so it fuses many different genres together.

And that the actor, Vijay, is an enormous superstar in the Tamil state who the people really adore. As soon as the film started, the audience whistled and cheered at just his name appearing on the screen! And then when he first appears in the film, the audience was overjoyed and so many cheers, I've never been among a crowd like that. It's crazy I hadn't seen a film by Vijay yet but I got chills seeing how much the audience loved him.

And throughout the film, it was too easy to see why: spectacular performances as 3 different people, and he nailed them all. Especially the village role, was a terrific and moving performance, he has a huge screen presence and powerful flair about him.

I've noticed that the Indian superstars are really a class apart in this, I can see these select few are at that level due to these certain intangibles that have won over the audience, its an trait I don't see in even the biggest of Hollywood actors.

Anyway about the actual film's story, the beginning had more comedic elements, I didn't understand some of the jokes, but that's okay because there is tons more to this film. I felt the first female character was completely unnecessary and the second one was acceptable but also not needed.

Nithya Mennon is her name, she and Vijay in the second half brought tears to my eyes repeatedly, I didn't expect to be so moved!Lavde kuch bhi de te he time barbad kar diya BC teri gand me jhadu dalkar mor bana dunga BC. Download Links Update! Thanks in Advance. Post a Comment. April 17, Resolution : p. Size : MB. Duration : min mbMoviesFlix.

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We provide high-speed Secure Direct Download Link. Quick Story Line. A magician and a doctor attempt to expose the corruption at the heart of India's medical industry. Mersal mb mersal full movie in hindi. Unknown April 18, at AM. Unknown January 8, at PM. Unknown March 8, at AM. Unknown March 13, at AM. Unknown May 16, at AM. Unknown March 9, at AM. Unknown June 24, at AM. Unknown October 24, at PM. Unknown August 5, at AM. Unknown December 22, at PM.

Unknown January 4, at AM. Unknown January 13, at AM. Unknown January 15, at AM.Also, Mersal Full movie is available on some legal streaming websites to watch. As per the Indian Copyright Law, it is a crime to download or watch Mersal or any movies from illegal websites.

If you are caught while sharing, downloading, or watching Mersal Movie, as a result, you will be punished as the law. Hence, we request never to download Mersal Full movies from unauthorized websites. The movie Mersal was doing excellent on the box office as it has the Tamil superstar Vijay in the lead but Tamilrockers is an illegal website and has leaked the movie Mersal full movie download in P, P, and P also Tamilrockers is the most searched website of all to download Mersal full movie Download online.

The first website where Mersal Full movie download in Hindi dubbed was available was Filmywap. Filmywap leaked Mersal Full movie online within a week of the movie release. Because of this illegal website, the movie spread like a virus across India, affecting a huge loss to the film industry and people associated with the film.


For those, who are looking to Watch Mersal Full movie onlinemight get happy to know that, Mersal Full Movie is available for free. Thanks to the latest cheap server infrastructure, mobile technology and cheap data rates, online movie streaming now become a reality.

Thereee are many services avialable at very comptetive prices in every country. They typically fall into one of these three categories.

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Check out websites that offer similar services as mentioned above Subscription Based Streaming Services. Mersal movie Box Office Collection was quite awesome and on the 1st day, it has collected 50 Cr. In fact, the total box collection for the movie is Rs. Considering the budget and Box office collection, Mersal is a blockbuster movie. In Tamil Nadu, a surgeon, a medical broker, an ambulance driver, and a hospital HR were suspiciously kidnapped by someone and all kidnappings have been done at dawn.

Hence Tamil Nadu police get alerts by all kidnappings and Ratnavel, a police officer caught the suspect. While Ratnavel interrogating the suspect started revealing his purpose behind the kidnappings. A doctor named Maaran, popularly known as Rs. He goes to attend the medical seminar in Paris with his compounder Vadivu only to be mistaken due to his cultural identity at Paris airport.

After the seminar due to some indifference between him and Arjun Zachariah, another doctor from Chennai Maaran gets displeased with him. But he develops romantic feelings with his assistance Annu Pallavi and she also started liking him.

Hence Maaran invites Annu and Zachariah to his magic show and in that magic show, unfortunately, Zachariah got killed while a magic trick performed on him as a volunteer. His friend and fellow doctor Daniel got shocked by the incident.

Here Maaran returned to Chennai and once again falls in love with a media anchor Tara. A daughter of an auto driver once met with an accident and rushed to the hospital for treatment as her condition is critical but the doctors and staff delayed in her treatment due to their greed and it resulted in her death and her mother committed suicide.

The responsible if this incident has been kidnapped, tortured and then got killed. Here Daniel concluding the incidents and trapped Maaran but he was badly beaten up by his brother Vetri. Vetri caught by police after he switches his place with unconscious Maaran.

Later he reveals that he is responsible for Zachariah murder in Paris during the magic show as a magician for his inhuman approach to his noble profession. Later he approached who are willing to build industries to prevent fire accidents which result in deaths due to the absence of hospitals. Zachariah and Daniel both were made chief and owners of the hospital. The hospital soon became famous for its free medical treatment for all but Daniel and Zachariah both are greedy and started wrongdoings with their profession.

He taught him all magic tricks while growing up. Vetri and Maaran reconcile and police arrested Vetri and Daniel confronts Vetri in police custody and reveal that actually, he is Maaran who switched their place before police arrived.Filmibeat: Best Of Vote Now!

Mersal Cast. Kajal Aggarwal. Samantha Akkineni. Cheenu Mohan. Hareesh Peradi.

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Yogi Babu. Misha Ghoshal. Kovai Sarala. Nithya Menen. Mersal Crew. Ramasamy N Producer. Hema Rukmani Producer. R Mahendran Producer.

H Murali Producer. A R Rahman Music Director. Vivek Lyricst. Sid Sriram Singer. Shweta Mohan Singer. G V Prakash Kumar Singer. Naresh Iyer Singer. Vishwa Prasad Singer. Shreya Ghoshal Singer. Kailash Kher Singer. Sathya Prakash Singer. Pooja A V Singer.

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Deepak Singer. Vijayendra Prasad Screenplay. G K Vishnu Cinematogarphy. Ruben Editing. Popular Web Series. Stranger Things.

TV Network : Netflix. Premiere Date : Jul 4 Read More.Mersal transl. Zapped is a Indian Tamil -language action thriller film [7] directed by Atlee and co-written by Atlee, K. Vijayendra Prasad and S. Ramana Girivasan, in charge of the dialogues, and produced by Thenandal Studio Limitedthus becoming their th production. The film stars Vijay in a triple role with S. SuryaKajalSamanthaand Nithya Menen. The story revolves around two brothers in which one is a magician avenging for his father's death and medical crimes.

The other one is a reputed doctor who charges meagre amounts from his patients. The background score and soundtrack album were composed by A. Rahmanwhile the cinematography was done by G. Vishnu and edited by Ruben. Mersal was released worldwide on 18 Octobercoinciding with Diwali and opened to positive reviews with critics praising the performance of Vijay, A.

It is also a recipient of various accolades. It The film's dubbed Telugu version Adirindhi released on 9 November The film completed day theatrical run on 25 January An ambulance driver, a broker, a hospital human resources worker, and a surgeon are abducted under mysterious circumstances at dawn.

The abductions are traced to Dr. Maaran is arrested and interrogated by Ratnavel "Randy", a police officer who is assigned the abduction case. Maaran explains his motive for the abductions; An auto driver's daughter, Poongodi, had been severely injured and the four were responsible for the death of the auto driver's school-going daughter and his wife, Selvi, due to their greed for money in the name of providing proper healthcare.

He also adds that he had already killed all of them while they were in his captivity. Vetri was responsible for the death of Dr.

Arjun Zachariah, a corrupt doctor who was killed during a stage performance in Paris two years earlier, by Vetri himself by using Anupallavi, who is his love interest. He further adds that he had saved Maaran from getting killed by the henchmen of Dr. Daniel Arockiyaraj. Daniel, another corrupt doctor had been associated with Arjun who sees Maaran's inexpensive healthcare as a threat to his flourishing hospital business.There are various types of sports betting available, these are:As the name suggests, this is betting on a sport, game or team that is nonexistent.

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Watch Tamil Movie Mersal Full Movie Download online HD, FHD, Bluray

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